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FSP Insight ArticlesI made 6.8% This Week Using This Trading Strategy

I made 6.8% This Week Using This Trading Strategy


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I am up 6.8% this past week alone using the simple scalping trading strategy.

We are going to go into a deep recap of all the trades I have taken this past week using my London opening Scalping strategy in the 15-minute time frame. Watch the youtube video playlist which explains exactly how I use this strategy and learn how to scalp the London market open. Learning how to apply any strategy takes time. Please do not expect to be a winner in the markets right away. Learning to day trade takes time, commitment, passion, dedication, and a willingness not to ever quit or give up. This is one of the most difficult things to learn. However, if you have dedication and discipline, then you will succeed without a doubt.

Think of learning to day trade like you would think about getting a college degree. This is a professional skill and has to be treated in the same manner. One can not become a consistently profitable trader in a few months. This can take years and years before you being to see results. This is why trading is so desirable. The results speak for themselves. Good luck to everyone who is beginning this amazing journey. Don’t give up!

Position One and Two Scalping Entries – Tuesday 25th

Price was pushing close to resistance levels and hanging close to the top. We saw an ascending trend line pushing upwards and as the London market opened, we saw the breakout candle that we look for when trying to determine when to enter. The breakout candle pushed below the trendline and we took a market order at the close of that breakout candle. We then took a second position an hour and fifteen minutes later as we saw another candle that matches our entry criteria. Both positions reached targets at a Risk/Reward of 1/ 1.7 and we locked in 3,4 %. Tuesday was a good day.

Position Three – Scalping Entry – Wednesday 26th

Price continued to rise and we saw a descending trend line form close to resistance levels. Fifteen minutes into the London opening we saw our breakout candle. The long position was opened using a market order at the close of the breakout candle. Targets were reached.

Position Four Scalping Entry – Thursday 27th

Price formed a nice trading range during the Asian trading session. We always make sure to be very clear when marking up our support zones and resistance zones. Check out our ultimate support and resistance guide and work your way through the guide to understand how to find these levels.

The support line I was looking at had the most taps and as soon as the London market opened we saw our breakout candle. This was a short position and was entered using a market order. The target was reached beautifully.

This strategy does not always present setups every single day. We have to be patient because we cannot just trade the opening of the London trading session without seeing the setup present itself. Sometimes the setups do not appear for weeks and sometimes they just don’t even work. The key to long-term success when day trading a particular setup is practicing the routine and doing the same thing daily. Do not give up and keep the routine the same so you can make sure to take advantage of all possible entries.

The Vortex Trader

Disclaimer: The FSP probability score is derived from adding and subtracting the positive and negative aspects of the position and is not a definitive sign of how the trade will play out. FSP is not in any way a financial advisor

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